Welcome to Show Dates UK

Show Dates UK exists because we grew tired of trying to keep on top of equine shows and events. Both as Organisers and Competitors, we were either overpaying to be included or struggling to find a comprehensive list of national horse events that we didn't have to register for.

Bing! Show dates. For spectators and competitors show dates listings are free. And free forever. Of course, if you want to use some of our cool features, designed to make your life easier, you are going to have to create an account. Don't worry, like we said, it's free. Check out some cool features below.

For our dedicated, hard-working Organisers. We have tried to achieve one simple objective. Make life easier. How? We have a simplified payment model that is fair for all who use show dates and a whack of features we hope will make listing Equestrian Events a doddle. See below for a quick round-up of what you are getting.

Competitors, this is for you

Make no mistake. We've gone all out peeps and there is more work to be done but here are some of the reasons you should register with Show Dates UK

So what's under the hood?

  • Manage your own stable
    • Add your horses for quick use in forms
    • Add a list of riders/handlers for easy registration
  • Quick online entry forms
  • Downloadable Schedules
  • Comprehensive Event Details listed directly by show Organisers
  • Favourite the events you like so you don't have to keep searching

So no need to hang around, get registered and start winning. 

Organisation for Organisers

We've been there. We feel your pain. But no longer! No more listing on every website, social medium and back farm notice board to spread the word about your event. We're here for you.

So what's under the hood?

You get all the same features as Competitors but with a whole bunch of business end tools, such as;

  • Online entry forms, emailed to you, consistent, legible and in good time
  • Plenty of file uploads if you so need them;
    • Schedules
    • Entry Forms
    • Show Rules and so many more
  • Duplicate an old show and just change what you need
  • A lovely simple user interface
  • Oh, and did we mention stats? Yep, got them covered to so now you can track your ROI
  • And more

Come and register, you'll love it.

Maps, Maps, Maps! Who Doesn't Love Maps?

In the spirit of making life easier, we present you our horse eventing Locations search page. As you may have guessed, it's all our events listings displayed on a map. So much easier we think. Feel free to have a play and find your next event.