ShowdatesUK is an equestrian event calendar that covers all equestrian fields, over the whole of the UK.

For Competitors

  • Simple to find events
  • Search by postcode and venue
  • Save your favourites
  • Enter online
  • Save horses and riders for easy entry using drop down boxes
  • Download and view schedules of interest
  • Free to use

For Organisers

  • Simple online listings
  • Save time by directing potential competitors to the website to view your event details
  • Statics show how many views, likes and entries each event has received
  • Opportunity to add lots of extra detail
  • Low cost for listing events
  • No need to have separate accounts if you’re a competitor or an organiser
  • Receive email entries

ShowdatesUK is a low maintenance, easy to use, simple site for all to enjoy. In a busy work, ShowdatesUK saves you time.