Heacham Horse Show

Heacham Horse Show &

Dog Show

10th and 11th august

We will be holding our wonderful annual family show in Heacham again this year. The show will consist of Dressage, inhand and ridden showing, handy pony, gymkhana, barrel racing, show jumping, mini show jumping and a dog show, spread over the two days.

This Show is aimed at everyone. It is one of the last grass roots family orientated shows left in the area and it’s just fabulous fun! Come and join in

Dates & Times

Event Start Date - 10th August 2019

Start Time - 12:00 am

End Date -11th August 2019

Closing Date -1st August 2019

Additional Info

Special Notes -

The exact venue is yet to be confirmed but we will confirm this shortly. The show will be held in Heacham Norfolk as usual.

Event Keywords -Norfolk Horse Show, dressage, showing, inhand, ridden, gymkhana, fun show, family show


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Event Fee - £6 5

First Aid Fee - £2.50

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Venue Details

Venue Name: Heacham

Venue Address: Heacham, King\'s Lynn, UK

Venue Website:

County: Norfolk

Orgainser - Heacham Horse Show Commitee

Contact Name - Hannah Whyman-Naveh

Email - Send them an email

Telephone / Mobile - 07816231447

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