Spring bronze medal show 2019

Dates & Times

Event Start Date - 22nd April 2019

Start Time - 9:00 am

End Date -22nd April 2019

Closing Date -19th April 2019

Additional Info

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Event Keywords -Welsh Show inhand and ridden


Additional Files

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Event Fee - £15

First Aid Fee - No first aid fee listed

Any Additional Charges:

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Venue Details

Venue Name: World Horse Welfare

Venue Address: Snetterton, Norwich NR16 2LR, UK

Venue Website: See the venues website

County: Norfolk

Orgainser - Eastern Welsh Pony and Cob Association

Contact Name - Shirley Broadfield

Email - Send them an email

Telephone / Mobile - 01638 781816

Social Media for Eastern Welsh Pony and Cob Association -

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