Clear Round  followed by classes starting at 40cm  - Rosettes placed 1st - 6th  - BSJA combinations welcome - to be judged and placed separately - All entries on the day - Lead rein welcome

Event held in our superb 80x60 surface arena.  Winter warm up - small area within the larger arena.  Summer warm up on grass - weather permitting.

Safe, fun and encouraging environment.  Plenty of hard standing parking.  Refreshments available.

QUALIFIERS:  UK Riders 2nd Round, Trailblazers 2020 1st Round, Grey Fern Park 2019 Summer Championshps, Cricklands

Dates & Times

Event Start Date - 4th August 2019

Start Time - 12:00 am

End Date -4th August 2019

Closing Date -4th August 2019

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Warm welcome to riders of all levels
Fun, safe, encouraging environment

Event Keywords -showjumping


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Event Fee - £12

First Aid Fee - £0.00

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Venue Address: 117 Coates Road, Coates, Peterborough, UK

Venue Website: See the venues website

County: Cambridgeshire


Contact Name - CAROLE NEWTON

Email - Send them an email

Telephone / Mobile - 07879 492068

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